Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend was jam-packed with activity. Dad arrived Friday night and Saturday we managed to "install" 2 ceiling fans and a wall sconce. Dad and I golfed at Deer Valley and returned to have supper at Boston Pizza.

Brenda and Terry and Thomas arrived Sunday afternoon and Paula made an incredible meal. Before we ate, all the boys headed out for some geocaching. Finding Casey's Creekside Cache

Later that evening, we had coffee and pie in Barr's backyard.
Visiting at Barrs

Monday, after breakfast at A&W (Thomas couldn't get over the fact that the average age of the patrons was around 87), Terry, Dad and I golfed at the Hillcrest. The Redpaths left right after golf. Dad completed a few other small projects around the house and I helped him develop a presentation on geocaching that he's doing next week. (not exactly brain surgery but anyway...)

An excellent weekend.

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