Saturday, May 06, 2006

Meredith's recordings

Meredith spent a great deal of time over the past months recording a couple of songs she wrote. She is applying for a music grant through She's not counting on getting the grant but had a great experience in the recording studio, both recording and singing backup for a few other CD's.

Have a listen.

Hooked on You

Just Like Me

She'll soon be launching her new website soon as her "webmaster" has some time.


Anonymous said...

It's just like me to lose it all!!! Such a great song. I'm addicted to it already. I hope you become very famous and that song is sure to be a hit my dear!!

nidja said...

Hey ho. Hey ho. I'm already hooked on both those songs. Mere, who knew you were such an amazing songwriter? Will you sing at my wedding? Wait....I'm already married. In that case, will you sing at my 50th?

nidja said...

by the way, who's jordan?

Hannah said...

Hey! Meredith, I work with your future father in law. You really are amazing. Thank you for making those songs availiable for me to listen to.