Sunday, August 06, 2006

Montana Fun...the beginning

Skycrest condosOur holiday is starting off very well. Highlights include:
  • A stop in Miles City
  • Paula breaking stuff in a store
  • Me dominating in a go-kart race
  • Some sweet deals in the mail
  • Sam ordering an expensive meal he couldn't finish
  • Emmy's crush on the waiter at the Olive Garden
  • Penny freaking out as she thought she lost Emmy
  • Tegan searching for wireless hotspots
  • A mountain walk
Martha is also blogging her version
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Anonymous said...

Vacationers, looks like the adventures are just beginning! Thanks for keeping us updated. Wish we were there! Note to Tegan and Sam; Joel is off the computer, too many hours and he has a sore back,computers can be hazerdous, so enjoy the mountains.