Wednesday, February 14, 2007

More from Shea

Here's another update this time from Daycee (our children's pastor).

Just wanted to let you know that Shea is doing very well so far. I'm been impressed with her attitude and willingness to try things (especially the food!). She has worked hard and played hard and kept us laughing! She is picking up Spanish very in service when the team introduced themselves, she said in spanish "my name is Shea, I'm 15 years old (ask her to explain the age thing), I'm very white, alone (she meant single) and very funny because I am so cute!" I told her if she could figure out how to say it, she could say it! (the congregation enjoyed the laugh).

We split Shea and Jaydene up for the first time today when we were all sent off after service with different families for lunch. Greg and I had agreed to each take one of them in hopes they would get to know some locals better....they begged and pleaded and told me they HAD to be together...finally I told them the only choice they had in the matter was what kind of attitude they were going to have about it.

Shea and I went for lunch with the youth pastor and his wife and mother-in-law and they took us to the old city of Antigua site-seeing (Paula you and Darlene would love to go furniture shopping there!). Shea really enjoyed it and we had lots of fun together. I have been surprised how much she talks to me when we're alone. she told me Jaydene is anxious to get back to see her friends, but Shea says she wants to stay longer. I told her we could extend her ticket and she could stay here for holidays with me!

(just kidding) in short, she's doing well. So far her appliance is the only concern, one piece keeps popping out and she fixes it with some of my hair rubber bands. We're glad to have her with us.

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