Friday, February 09, 2007

Shea's Guatemala Trip

Shea is currently in Guatemala helping to put a room on a local church. She is there with 12 other members of our church. This is a bit of a stretch for her but so far, so good. Here's an excerpt from an email she sent us:

It is REALLY HOT here. Like 30 degrees or more it feels like, but don't worry i am slapping on the sunscreen. This week is all working but it's not to bad, me, hannah, and jaydene are painting rooms, so its kind of fun ahah. The food is actually good here. There was one thing i didn't like though, it was like mashed up beans, it looked like poop. but everything tastes good. Just to let you know, we haven;t got a lot of stares cause we are white, because we have been at the church the whole time and almost everyone is white. But the Ladys that are cooking and stuff are guatemalan and they call me and jaydene the barbie dolls haha, thats what daycee said anyways. One of the lady's came up to me and all she said was "Barbie" really funny. But i heard it was really cold in Moose Jaw, sucks to be you i guess!

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The Falk Family said...

What a great experience for shea and her team. We will be praying for them. Too bad about your cold weather--we don't miss that part of the prairies.