Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Getaway at Good Spirit

We had a great time last week at Good Spirit Lake. Days were filled with golf, beach, hiking,relaxing on the deck, cards and general fun. The mosquitoes also were part of the picture as well.
You can see all the pictures here. The highlights included the much talked about family races. After months of trash talking between Paula and Meredith, they finally proved once and for all who is the fastest. The video highlights the race as well as a typical "Brenda and Dad moment". This is a 3 minute excerpt from the full 8 minute video which chronicles the entire week. You'll have to contact me for the full version.

1 comment:

Reni said...

I think its really good that Paula had the confidence to believe she could beat an 18 year old girl with exceptionally long legs in a race. I guess Brenda's tirade had a positive effect - apparently Dad now has a cell phone!