Thursday, July 07, 2005

Meredith's TV moment

For those who may have missed it, here's the video of Meredith's Canadian Idol performance. She had a terrific time in Toronto and knows a number of the finalists.

She continues to work her craft as she plays Fanny for the Tunnels of Moose Jaw shows. She has only six more weeks till she's off to Humber College to begin her Bachelor of Music degree. I'm still hoping she'll do some blogging. Working two jobs keeps her pretty busy and the free time is left to maintain her social life.


Aunt Reni said...

Meredith , you are a star, an idol, an icon, a rolemodel, and poster girl for the Canadian dream (whatever that is). You have to try and show more emotion , though. Do you miss me straightening the couch and complaining that you and Laurel don't know how to properly sit on a couch? Have you perfected your "Aunt Reni" imitation yet? Don't lie, I know you are doing one to delight your family and friends.

meredith said...

i dont know if im doing this right or not....but i do miss your tidy house and i bet you cant wait for me to come out there and mess it up again. I still havent got my aunty Reni impressiion down yet but im sure it will come to me after you let me sleep at your house and eat all of your fancy dishes for the next 6 months. I know you cant wiat.