Monday, July 04, 2005

Martha's life

I'm Martha. I'm six years old. I'm going into grade 2. I'm a Christian. I like to play basketball, swim, sing and draw. I'm working on a quilt with my mom. I'm drawing the pictures of my dog Rudy. I just got home from camp and it was fun but I got hurt one time.


Aunt Brenda. said...

Hey Martha. I like your picture. Your hair looks beautiful.

Aunt Reni said...

Martha , you might grow up to be a famous artist. I am very happy to hear you are a Christian. I saw the picture of you being baptized in your church. I thought your hair looked very nice. I hope I can see a picture of the quilt you are making with your mom once you get it finished.

Aunt Reni said...

Martha, when are you going to draw another picture for the blog? I really like your artwork and would like to see more. Tell me what you are doing for fun this summer.